My favorite part of FMA brotherhood is that before and after the commercial breaks they say “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” except since netflix doesn’t have commercial breaks it’s just “fullmetal alchemist FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST”

I laugh every time it does that!

Uh how bout the .5 seconds you have to name who’s that Pokemon?!

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I think I might have slipped into an alternate dimension because I keep singing part of a song that I’m pretty sure was really popular years ago, and I can’t think of who sang it or what the song is called, and searching the lyrics is giving me absolutely fucking nothing.

dimension jumper problems

I’m leaving for North Carolina tonight and I haven’t even begun to pack anything at all…

I’m not afraid!

The captions are words, but all I can see is “Meh meh meh” and it is fucking terrifying. LOOK INTO THOSE DEAD DEAD EYES.

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next up on having a vagina: are these cramps or should i tell my mom to take me to the hospital

Yeah that happened to me in 2012 and it turns out I have 2 uteruses.


My mom has 2 uteruses too. She has four kids, and according to her doctor, they alternated every other pregnancy.

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